Let's respect sanitary measures together

We ‘d rather spend time talking to you about the city, the region, its attractions, its players rather than talk to you about what we, you and we, have to respect:
We need you to keep physical distance and stay at least 1.5 meters away and to implement protective gestures and health recommendations.

Some precautions implemented 1

  • hydroalcoholic gel (2) is available at the reception desk and in the breakfast room
  • we ask you to wear a mask as much as possible in the common areas (except of course when you taste our homemade jams and our Lou Cigaloun pudding Clin d'œil)
  • your key and key fobs have been disinfected, take them and when you leave, do not lock your room and put them on the key board

  • There are some floor markings at the reception and in the breakfast room

  • in common areas, disinfection of door handles, switches, handrails is carried out at least twice a day

  • each room has individual air conditioning (which we will operate in between 2 stays to renew the air), however, we do not use air conditioning in the common areas

  • the Credit Card terminal is disinfected at the start and at the end of the morning, we advise you to rub your hands with hydroalcoholic gel before using it and / or to press the keys with your pencil

1 At your disposal at the reception, procedures implemented to fight against the spread of coronavirus meeting the guidelines and recommendations of the government and our professional bodies.

  • If you want to enjoy a peaceful breakfast in peace and to avoid the crowd, please try to inform us of your preferred time slot

  • we advise you to use the toilet in your room as much as possible; nevertheless the toilets on the ground floor will be cleaned after each use

  • in the event of a stay of less than 3 nights, unless specifically requested, we will not do any cleaning in your room

  • if necessary, ask us for clean towels

  • every day, including the day of your departure, when you leave, open your bedroom and bathroom window wide

  • we thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation

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Recommended by the World Health Organization for hand antisepsis. We provide you with the hydroalcoholic virucidal Hydrô solution, produced since April 1, 2020 on board the ship ODEEP ONE (Port of Sète) in accordance with the decree of March 13, 2020 and in accordance with standard NF EN 14476 (thanks to its 80% V / V alcohol concentration)